Self Catering Roseland Peninsula

Self Catering Accommodation

Why self catering? – The convenient alternative accommodation.

To the discerning, holiday makers of today, price, location and convenience are major factors that influence their choice of holiday destinations. As rising oil prices and the worldwide economic slowdown have lead to an increase in the costs of travel and hotel tariffs, people are now allocating limited budgets while planning their vacations. To cater to the demand of this new breed of budget tourists, the tourism industry in the UK is strongly promoting non-luxury, low-budget accommodation in the form of guest houses, lodges, inns, bed and breakfasts … and now, the much in demand, self-catering cottages.

One of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the UK is Cornwall. Apart from its alluring warm climate, Cornwall offers the ideal blend of choice for just about any traveller – whether, it be, a quiet, relaxed holiday or a more adventurous, action-packed one. In view of the fact that, Cornwall is attracting an increasing number of family vacationers, budget-style cottages are the much sought after accommodations by this segment as well as couples who wish to have a little more privacy and freedom. The self-catering cottages in Cornwall are primarily self contained units which offer the kind of freedom and privacy that you would enjoy in your own home. There is a wide variety of self-catering accommodation on offer throughout Cornwall. These range from traditional country cottages to cosy log cabins and from character houses by the sea to static caravans. The single major benefit of self-catering cottages is that they are a style of accommodation which is far cheaper in value than a hotel, particularly for families and for longer holidays.

The truth is that multi-star luxury hotels are witnessing a significant drop in room occupancy due to the emergence of self-catering cottages. There are, however, several reasons why hotels are facing this problem and why these self contained, convenient and easy to use cottages have become the accommodation of choice for a growing number of families and other individual vacationers, over the past few years. While it’s true that a hotel can offer much more in terms of luxury, comfort, amenities, facilities and service, these come at a big price. However, on the negative side, guests cannot have the privacy, convenience, space and homely atmosphere that self-catering cottages offer.

Self-catering cottages also give you a feeling of ‘owning’ them for the duration of your stay, unlike a hotel where you would share the facilities and rub shoulders with a hundred other guests. Hotels have their own set of strict rules and restrictions insofar as little children and toddlers, whereas, self-catering cottages have all the space and freedom for little kids to do as they please. Self-catering cottages have fully equipped kitchens at your disposal where you may cook whatever you or your family likes. You also have the freedom to eat out at the place of your choice. The biggest benefit of self-catering cottages is cost effectiveness versus the high costs involved in a hotel stay. With the worldwide economic slowdown likely to prevail for an indefinite period, self-catering cottages are here to stay. Happy holiday!