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Some of the top tourist destinations in the world aren’t popular only because of the attractions and activities available, but also because of the quality and variety of food and drink they offer … and Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula in the UK is no exception. Although Cornwall is the most popular tourist destination in the UK, the Roseland Peninsula is the most attractive vacation place in Cornwall. In addition to its scenic and idyllic grandeur, spectacular beaches and hideaways and a variety of activities that include sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, camping, fishing and more, the Roseland Peninsula has a variety of exclusive, multi cuisine restaurants as well as great watering holes in terms of bars and pubs. Wherever you may be, on the Roseland Peninsula, you are sure to find a restaurant offering mouthwatering seafood and other culinary delights or a bar and pub offering the very best in liquors, wines, liqueurs, beers and other exotic cocktails, mocktails and drinks.

If you are planning to holiday in the beautiful Roseland Peninsula, here’s a check list of some popular pubs, bars and restaurants.

Kings Head - Ruan Lanihorne
Kings Head RuanLocated well off the beaten track is the recently renovated, Kings Head country pub. It is located in the beautiful tiny hamlet of Ruan Lanihorne of the picturesque Roseland countryside. The Kings Head pub also includes a separate restaurant, a beer garden and an outdoor terrace. It is fast gaining in popularity due to its fantastic service and its signature ‘Duck’ dish among other culinary specials, superb liquors and other exotic drinks. Visit Website.

Victory Inn - St. Mawes
Victory Inn St MawesThis is the only traditional pub in Roseland Peninsula’s principle village of St. Mawes and nestled only a few meters away from the St. Mawes Quay. Victory Inn serves excellent food and drinks during lunch and dinner time at the separate restaurant located upstairs. The elevated seating area of the restaurant offers a panoramic view of the sea. The restaurant is also the perfect place for private parties and functions and also has its own dispense bar. With its close proximity to the sea, the Victory Inn procures a variety of fresh fish from local fishermen almost daily. Apart from fresh seafood, the menu also includes mouth-watering steaks, pasta and vegetarian dishes.

Roseland Inn - Philleigh
Roseland InnThis 16th century pub, tucked away in the small village of Philleigh has spacious seating capacity both indoors and outdoors. The popular menu of the Roseland Inn includes traditional dishes, a fair amount of game and fresh and delicious seafood dishes.



Quarterdeck - Veryan Bay
QuarterdeckThis informal, ‘grillroom’-style seafood restaurant of the Nare Hotel is an excellent place for an informal lunch or a post lunch walk in the scenic gardens of the hotel. Apart from the excellence of its food and drink, the Quarterdeck overlooks Gerrans Bay and has some of the most stunning sea views. It is open all day and serves morning coffee, light lunches, Cornish cream teas and quiet dinners.

The above are but a few of the popular eating and drinking places in the Roseland Peninsula. Other popular places to stop over for a sumptuous bite or to whet your tongue are the New Inn in Veryan, the Ship Inn of Portloe, the Rising Sun in St. Mawes, the Royal Standard in Gerrans and the Plume of Feathers in Portscatho. Cheers and bon appetit to you in advance